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Remote Sensing, Ice and Metocean Services from data collection to advanced analytics

Our specialists are in ice consulting for more than 15 years supporting O&G operations in the Caspian, participating in seismic surveys offshore North-East Greenland and ice research in the Northern Barents Sea off Svalbard coast. We deliver results of the most advanced techniques for support of your operations with our technology and software managing data.

Operational Ice & Metocean Services

Visit the page describing ice services to see how our experience maybe useful to facilitate your offshore operations. Vast historical database on Ice and Metocean data in the Caspian region allows fast review of environmental impact on the FEED stages and to develop design criteria at later stages

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Research and Development

In order to deliver the latest knowledge and technology our company conducts continuous research in the areas of ice physics and remote sensing integrating results and findings into our operational tools

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Operational Metocean Services

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2021-2022 Ice Season Wrap-up

2021-2022 has been another (third during the last 10 years) extremely mild season in the recent history of the Caspian. Majority of ice cover was gone after the first week of March. However, winter has tried to keep its grip on the region with recurring ice formation along the northern coast during two cold snaps…

Start of 2021-2022 winter season

New winter season has started. New ice has appeared along the Northeastern shore with cold spell on November 17th. However ice will last only for several days and melt with warmer weather in the second part of November.

Ice ride-up blocks the road: view from space.

Comparison of clear Landsat-8 image from 19th of April with partly cloudy Sentinel-2 image from 18th showed a shift to the South of the ice sheet in the lake Bozshakol (Kostanay Region) for about 350 m in the North and around 200 m. in the South, where it encroached into the road M-36 which resulted…

End of 2020-2021 Ice Season

Open Water conditions were declared in the Caspian Sea on the 2nd of April. There are still several eroding stamukhi remaining along the northern coast which will melt in about a week under wave action with persistently positive air temperature. This ice season has lasted for 137 days which makes it one of the longest…

Deteriorating ice conditions in the Caspian Sea

High resolution Sentinel-2 image on the 16th of March shows that ice conditions in the North Caspian Sea are deteriorating. Multiple cracks, leads and mobile floes are observed in previously stable ice cover in Prorva, Peshnoi and Kashagan East areas. Kalamkas and Kashagan Highway areas are entirely in mobile ice conditions. Negative air temperatures which…

Iceman Annual 2020 Report

Sway report below summarizes Iceman’s achievements in 2020. It is best viewed in full screen mode.

Winter ice season continues into 2021

Rare coincidence of cloud free weather in the beginning of January 2021 and simultaneous bypass of Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 satellites over North Caspian Sea allowed us to make high resolution image of entire area (New Year’s present!). Ice remains stable along the northern and eastern shores. Recent winds has caused ice drift to south-east across…

Shift of ice in Kashagan

Recent easterly winds have shifted ice sheet opening lead of about 500m in width south-west from Kashagan East structures. The stabilising effect of artificial islands is demonstrated with recent cloudless Sentinel-2 image. Ice drift has created 300m long ice wedge in front of small structure on the left-hand side of the image. We continue to…

Seeking Minds and Hardworking People

LLP is continuously working on development of new tools and conducting research of newly appearing data to facilitate ice charting, monitoring and forecasting. We value diversity and are open for collaboration at any level be that commercial relationship with our clients or mutual projects researching new areas in Ice and Metocean.