Earth Observation

Winter ice season continues into 2021

Rare coincidence of cloud free weather in the beginning of January 2021 and simultaneous bypass of Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 satellites over North Caspian Sea allowed us to make high resolution image of entire area (New Year’s present!).

Ice remains stable along the northern and eastern shores. Recent winds has caused ice drift to south-east across central part creating large lead going from Peshnoi down to Buzachi peninsula.

North Caspian Sea – 5 January 2021

High resolution optical images are able to uncover ice development processes and patterns observed in the area which can hardly be spotted from MODIS

  • Drift of thin ice along the ice edge points at usual location of multiple stamukhi south of Volga-delta area.
  • Good resolution allows to observe vessel track across stable and mobile ice in Kashagan Highway area south of Kashagan East oil field
  • The area between Saddle and Kulaly is covered with drifting new ice

We expect to see more interesting observations in ongoing 2021. You can always find the latest images of predefined area of interests on our website.

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