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Upgrading the way we work

Our company is on the way implementating modern workspace solution based on Microsoft365.

Specific of our work has shown that our company requires effective and modern way of team collaboration, project planning and execution to be competitive on global market independently of location. The ongoing pandemic made such decision even more obvious. The solution that we have chosen was based Microsoft365.

This solution includes multiple well-known applications that were used before such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, PowerBI. But with transfer to full 365 package allows to enhance capability of those applications with simultaneous work in one document, sharing, interconnecting all apps, work through mobile devices, browsers and much more.

Such application as Teams, MS Project and MS Planner empowers our planning capability to deliver projects and share execution status.

Our newly built SharePoint site hub is a common place for all our commercial and research projects. It gives us an opportunity to have transparent and flexible way of sharing our work within the team and with our customers.

The next step is full transfer of our data processing pipelines and databases into the cloud. Azure services we implement are targeted to minimize number of hardware that needs to be managed.

Modern workplace solutions we are now onboarding are targeted to building business resilience. Follow us on LinkedIn to find out more about subscription based data services becoming available for free and commercial use through Microsoft store.

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