Earth Observation

Ice ride-up blocks the road: view from space.

Comparison of clear Landsat-8 image from 19th of April with partly cloudy Sentinel-2 image from 18th showed a shift to the South of the ice sheet in the lake Bozshakol (Kostanay Region) for about 350 m in the North and around 200 m. in the South, where it encroached into the road M-36 which resulted…

Winter ice season continues into 2021

Rare coincidence of cloud free weather in the beginning of January 2021 and simultaneous bypass of Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 satellites over North Caspian Sea allowed us to make high resolution image of entire area (New Year’s present!). Ice remains stable along the northern and eastern shores. Recent winds has caused ice drift to south-east across…

Shift of ice in Kashagan

Recent easterly winds have shifted ice sheet opening lead of about 500m in width south-west from Kashagan East structures. The stabilising effect of artificial islands is demonstrated with recent cloudless Sentinel-2 image. Ice drift has created 300m long ice wedge in front of small structure on the left-hand side of the image. We continue to…

Ice in Kulaly

Ongoing freeze-up with cloudless weather allowed for acquisition of Sentinel-2 with a marvellous view over Kulaly and other islands of Tyuleniy archipelago in the Northern part of the Caspian Sea. Persisting easterlies push newly forming ice towards islands to form lines of ridges. Looking forward to the spring season already to observe scoured seabed.

Kashagan in ice

New ice coming to Kashagan was caught with freely available and luckily cloudless Sentinel-2. Image illustrates ice and structures interaction in the scale of full field in a cluster of artificial islands. Other locations are available on a dedicated page of our site.

Sentinel-2 Automated Processing Launched

Sattelite Imagery Catalogue for the Caspian Sea is now updated with clear and partly cloudy Sentinel-2 images which are useful for ice charting analysis. Records exist since launch of Sentinel-2A in 2015 and are updated automatically on a regular basis. Sample RGB post-processed image is available in our Public folder.