Earth Observation

Remote Sensing

ICEMAN.KZ is focused on operations with remote sensing data handling numerous satellite platforms with diverse sensors (mainly SAR). We gained vast experience in data post-processing and automation through years of ice charting operations and intend to share our knowledge through provision of Remote Sensing Services. Sentinel Mission Sentinel Mission within Copernicus Program is the major…

Free Sentinel data over Caspian

Copernicus continues surprising us with the free Sentinel data availability in the Caspian region. More historical data from preOps period were published to the scientific hub enabling our independent research. This growing number of data frames over the region inreaches our database of ice data making it more reliable.

Operational ice charting in mid-latitudes using NRT SAR imagery

Geological Remote Sensing Group ( has published presentation with our small project performed in cooperation with Kongsberg Satellite Services ( in the autumn of 2016. The project on visual recognition of stamukhi (grounded ice rubble features in the Caspian) using variety of satellite images was presented by Carles Debart at the GRSG conference in London…