2019-2020 Season Summary

2019-2020 was an extremely mild winter in the Caspian. This video summarizes development of ice conditions through the length of the season.

Caspian Stamukhi Data Release

ICEMAN.KZ opens access to stamukhi observations database for the Caspian Sea from 2014 to 2019. Interactive summary PowerBi Report and short description of major parameters are published to Data Access section on our website. Report is an easy to use tool to conduct basic queries on the phenomena occurences illustrating distribution of intensity and quantities…

Marine Operations in Ice Covered Waters of Shallowing Caspian

Decreasing water level in the Caspian may soon affect established logistical solutions in the Northern shallow part of it. The POAC paper discusses building access channels to existing and future offshore facilities in the Kazakhstan sector that is more vulnerable to the problem. The major accent is made to sea ice related hazards affecting marine operations in channels through shallow waters based on experience in the Volga Caspian channel (VCC).

Heli E in Gulf of Finland

Iceman.kz in cooperation with aOrion and Quas have conducted trials of aOrion Heli E Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in the Gulf of Finland in March 2019. Iceman has planned the flights to identify specific ice features for further ice charting purposes and monitored weather to maintain window of opportunity with suitable conditions for operations. aOrion…

Ice gouges in Caspian Sea

Springtime and open water season is approaching fast. Each year ice cover melts in shallow waters of Caspian Sea and start revealing the artwork of nature – multiple gouges on the seabed plunged by stamukhi and ridge keel during winter time. Landsat-8 image from March 2017 shows the perfect shot illustrating the process.

Sentinel-1 Temporal Multiband Sea Ice Dynamics Analysis at Kashagan

Video is generated from Sentinel data from Compernicus Science Hub as part of sea ice cover stability assessment in the Northern Caspian and contains frames from 2014 to 2019.It is a by-product of automated analysis defining stable/mobile areas and distribution of significant ridged features in the region. The algorithm has passed its testing phase for…

Mild start of winter in 2018

Prorva area has frozen up after extreme low water level event earlier in the winter with ice cover stating attached to the shore. Drifting Ice was stopped by Kashagan structures. With cold air invasion new ice is forming over water west of artificial islands there. Perfect shot was made with NASA’s cloudless Landsat-8. These Images…

Freeze-up Forecast is Out

Ice is coming into the Caspian sea in the near future. LLP ICEMAN.KZ proposes detailed analysis and long-term insights for those who need to plan their marine operations in the Northern part of the Sea. Long term insights through October and the first half of November are based on the historical trends as well as…

2017-2018 End of Season Summary

An average winter if judged with severity by FDD is finished with the last remanants of grounded ice eroding by the end of the first week of April. The season is marked with development of extensive zone of grounded ridges to the West of Kalamkas.

2014-2015 Ice Season Summary

Just another average winter in the Caspian. Extensive freeze-up second half of November with first ice forming along Northern and Eastern coasts. Maximum extent was achieved in January. All ice was gone by the end of March when recuring ice formation took place extending season for several more days.