Kashagan in ice

New ice coming to Kashagan was caught with freely available and luckily cloudless Sentinel-2. Image illustrates ice and structures interaction in the scale of full field in a cluster of artificial islands. Other locations are available on a dedicated page of our site.

Sentinel-2 Automated Processing Launched

Sattelite Imagery Catalogue for the Caspian Sea is now updated with clear and partly cloudy Sentinel-2 images which are useful for ice charting analysis. Records exist since launch of Sentinel-2A in 2015 and are updated automatically on a regular basis. Sample RGB post-processed image is available in our Public folder.

About Us

The company was founded in 2012 by leading ice specialists in Kazakhstan. The core group of the company has 10 to 15 years of experience operating in the Caspian Sea as well as several years of involvement with projects supporting seismic operations off the Greenland coast and research conducted in the Barents Sea off Svalbard…


Stamukhi Log Parameters Power BI based viewer above visualizes records of stamukhi observations derived from satellite imagery available over the region of the Northern Caspian Sea. Individual point observations are summarised into a 10X10 km grid. More details on stamukhi detection methods is given on our page dedicated to research of the phenomena. The catalogue…