Operational ice information distribution services were developed to ensure efficient use of resources and safety of marine activities in ice covered waters. Our Company delivers ice consulting in three different forms:

  • Ice Charting on regional scale with use of remote sensing means used to plan and facilitate marine supply chain;
  • In-Situ Ice Monitoring on vessel or platform to monitor ice hazards applying ice management programs to reduce impact on operations;
  • In-Situ Fieldwork on ice to determine physical and mechanical properties of ice features in the area of interest as well as their morphology and distribution. This knowledge is used to make decision on general layout and design of future facilities offshore to make them more efficient with cost and safety.

Depending on complexity of an offshore project we can recommend and implement these activities in any cold region although Caspian Sea is our major specialty at the moment, where we have already developed all necessary databases of historical data and specific tools for forecasting and data management considering local conditions.

Unless specific requirements from Clients this solution can be mobilized in any city on the Caspian Coast within 5 days majorly required to settle contracts and logistics to mobilize.

Remote Sensing Ice Charting

Ice Charting services we provide are mainly targeted to raise efficiency of fleet usage in ice covered waters and increase safety of marine transits. The general set-up of seasonal office assumes close cooperation with a numerous number of Stakeholders in the ice charting production cycle, such as Marine Logistics, Ice Observers, Remote Sensing Data providers, Client’s Vessel Masters.

The Basic scheme of data flows and interactions is outlined below.To the current date we have reached the level of automation, when only two persons can do the job that can cope with huge data flow at site supporting a fleet up to 20-30 vessels in transit.

Read more about products that we deliver on a separate pageSatellite Acquisition PlanDaily Nowcast Product, Daily Ice Outlook, Transit Route Summary and ForecastAnnotated Quicklooks, Transit Charts, Waypoint Advisories, TIPs, Marine Mammals Population Chart, Ice Drift Charts, Ice Cover Roughness, StamukhiGeoPDF, WebPortals

In-situ Ice Monitoring and Fieldwork

In addition to ice charting services with means of remote sensing Company’s personnel has vast experience of developing and implementing ice monitoring and early warning systems targeted to increase safety of operations in ice covered waters on offshore installations and marine transits as well as conducting on-ice fieldwork measuring mechanical properties of ice and morphology of ice features. Read more about solutions that can be implemented offshore on a separate page.

Strategic Planning and Long-Term Forecasting Services

Forecasting services are an add-on to the operational services and cannot be performed independently as require underlying database as described above to run statistical calculus. However, these forecasts are the essential part of the information supply that allows efficient use of resources and planning. Read more about Window of Opportunity Analysis, Ice Edge Development Forecast, Freeze-up and Break-up Forecasting

Ice Engineering and Design

The structure of database that we have developed and populated with historical data allows generating fast and confident summary of ice conditions for engineering and design in any part of the Caspian Sea. If supplemented with data acquired from fieldwork the output gives comprehensive and reliable input for cost effective design of structures and development of chain-supply concepts. Our experience with operations in the area also puts us in position to advise on scenarios of events to be expected in the planed area of operations. We feature Ice Environment Description for FEED, Design Criteria Development, Ice Hazards Evaluation (HAZEED, JRA) and Active Ice Management Plans for Operations.