Earth Observation

Seasonal Videos on Youtube publishes ice and metocean data over the Caspian sea visualized with this series of short videos. The videos show a small portion of the database we collected processed and generated during the last years. The major sources of data for our ice observation and monitoring program are free source by Copernicus and NASA and include satellite imagery, weather observations and historical reanalysis.

Our sea ice monitoring program is designed to aggregate ice and metocean data both for engineering and operational purposes. Through the years of our ice charting operations research and deveopment we have developped sophisticated models to describe and forecast thermal and dynamic processes in ice cover forming over the Caspian.

Follow our Youtube channel for more videos on ice conditions in the Caspoan region being published in future and feel free to contact us with to as questions, suggest improvements and merely out of interest for sea ice in the sub-Arctic regions.

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