Earth Observation

Remote Sensing, Ice and Metocean Services from data collection to advanced analytics

Our specialists are in ice consulting for more than 15 years supporting O&G operations in the Caspian, participating in seismic surveys offshore North-East Greenland and ice research in the Northern Barents Sea off Svalbard coast. We deliver results of the most advanced techniques for support of your operations with our technology and software managing data.

Operational Ice & Metocean Services

Visit the page describing ice services to see how our experience maybe useful to facilitate your offshore operations. Vast historical database on Ice and Metocean data in the Caspian region allows fast review of environmental impact on the FEED stages and to develop design criteria at later stages

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Research and Development

In order to deliver the latest knowledge and technology our company conducts continuous research in the areas of ice physics and remote sensing integrating results and findings into our operational tools

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Operational Metocean Services

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POAC 2019 Abstract Submissions are Open

Delft University in the Netherlands has launched POAC 2019 website announcing schedule of the conference. Please, visit the website for more details. We are closing paper collaboration and assistance program in the end of October.

September 2018 Air Temperature Anomaly

Copernicus Climate Change Service publishes air temperature anomaly summary for September. The major observations from the analysis: While most of Europe saw warmer than average temperatures, Eastern and Central part of Kazakhstan were generally colder than average; Caspian sea was in the area of warm anomaly resulting in water temperatures near and just above historical…

POAC 2019

Port and Ocean Engineering under Arctic Conditions (POAC) 2019 will start calling for paper abstracts in the nearest future. This time the conference is going to be held in Delft, Netherlands. The deadline for paper abstract submission is October 17th, 2018. As we are a regular attendant and gave oath to promote this conference in…

2017-2018 End of Season Summary

An average winter if judged with severity by FDD is finished with the last remanants of grounded ice eroding by the end of the first week of April. The season is marked with development of extensive zone of grounded ridges to the West of Kalamkas.

Oil and Gas Exhibition in Almaty

Immediate benefit to development of Ice Charting concepts and sea ice monitoring systems from attending #KIOGE2017. LLP ICEMAN.KZ and ROBOAVIA manufacturing and operating drones will work together to integrate their systems for operational ice reconnaissance missions.         25th Kazakhstan International “Oil & Gas” Exhibition and Conference is going on in Almaty. This…

Free Sentinel data over Caspian

Copernicus continues surprising us with the free Sentinel data availability in the Caspian region. More historical data from preOps period were published to the scientific hub enabling our independent research. This growing number of data frames over the region inreaches our database of ice data making it more reliable.

POAC 2017

As part of the professional development program and our contribution to international scientific community we have attended POAC 2017 in Busan (, South Korea. There were two articles published by our employees summarizing some of our research and operational experience in ice conditions. This was the third conference attended in a row during the last…

2016-2017 Ice Season is over

And yet another ice season is over in the Caspian. Although it was a relatively warm season not exceeding climatic averages in the region ice extent has reached as far South as Tupkaragan South-Western cape. Calm sea state conditions during break-up revealed scours in the shallow area of Seal Islands. Remote sensing data illustrating both…

Operational ice charting in mid-latitudes using NRT SAR imagery

Geological Remote Sensing Group ( has published presentation with our small project performed in cooperation with Kongsberg Satellite Services ( in the autumn of 2016. The project on visual recognition of stamukhi (grounded ice rubble features in the Caspian) using variety of satellite images was presented by Carles Debart at the GRSG conference in London…

2015-2016 End of Season Recap

Extremely mild season is now finished. It was a late start of the season when significant ice cover has developped only the first week of January. This has resulted in a thin ice cover and maximum thickness that was reached was insufficient to sustain ice late into March.

Seeking Minds and Hardworking People

LLP is continuously working on development of new tools and conducting research of newly appearing data to facilitate ice charting, monitoring and forecasting. We value diversity and are open for collaboration at any level be that commercial relationship with our clients or mutual projects researching new areas in Ice and Metocean.