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Remote Sensing, Ice and Metocean Services from data collection to advanced analytics

Our specialists are in ice consulting for more than 15 years supporting O&G operations in the Caspian, participating in seismic surveys offshore North-East Greenland and ice research in the Northern Barents Sea off Svalbard coast. We deliver results of the most advanced techniques for support of your operations with our technology and software managing data.

Operational Ice & Metocean Services

Visit the page describing ice services to see how our experience maybe useful to facilitate your offshore operations. Vast historical database on Ice and Metocean data in the Caspian region allows fast review of environmental impact on the FEED stages and to develop design criteria at later stages

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Research and Development

In order to deliver the latest knowledge and technology our company conducts continuous research in the areas of ice physics and remote sensing integrating results and findings into our operational tools

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Operational Metocean Services

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Break-up in the Caspian Sea

Ice Cover has started breaking up intensively in the Caspian. Strong winds anticipated in the next few days will lead to destruction of majority of ice cover. However, whatever is left in the region will be melting away with warmer air temperature and increasing influx of solar radiation. You can observe performance of our thermal…

Sentinel-2 Automated Processing Launched

Sattelite Imagery Catalogue for the Caspian Sea is now updated with clear and partly cloudy Sentinel-2 images which are useful for ice charting analysis. Records exist since launch of Sentinel-2A in 2015 and are updated automatically on a regular basis. Sample RGB post-processed image is available in our Public folder.

Ice gouges in Caspian Sea

Springtime and open water season is approaching fast. Each year ice cover melts in shallow waters of Caspian Sea and start revealing the artwork of nature – multiple gouges on the seabed plunged by stamukhi and ridge keel during winter time. Landsat-8 image from March 2017 shows the perfect shot illustrating the process.

Caspian SatLog Online

ICEMAN.KZ presents satellite imagery catalogue containing list of images for the Caspian Sea since 2000. It has parameters associated with each image allowing to assess usability of the dataset for ice charting purposes. These are cloud cover, spatial coverage and temporal gap for each area of interest sorted by type of satellite. Quick guide how…

Sentinel-1 Temporal Multiband Sea Ice Dynamics Analysis at Kashagan

Video is generated from Sentinel data from Compernicus Science Hub as part of sea ice cover stability assessment in the Northern Caspian and contains frames from 2014 to 2019.It is a by-product of automated analysis defining stable/mobile areas and distribution of significant ridged features in the region. The algorithm has passed its testing phase for…

Mild start of winter in 2018

Prorva area has frozen up after extreme low water level event earlier in the winter with ice cover stating attached to the shore. Drifting Ice was stopped by Kashagan structures. With cold air invasion new ice is forming over water west of artificial islands there. Perfect shot was made with NASA’s cloudless Landsat-8. These Images…

Seasonal Changes in Air Tempreature Distribution over Caspian

One of the greatest challenges in making use of BigData (such as Ice and Metocean regional set, for example) is visualizing it in a comprehensive way. This video illustrates regional air temperature development in the Caspian region for 2016-2017 winter using raw ECMWF reanalysis data. It also plots the graph for a point in the…

Frozen Streams at Emba

First ice appearance in the Caspian Sea this year was associated with extreme downsurge opening significant areas of seabed along the Eastern Coastline. Recent acquisition of perfectly cloudless Landsat-8 shows frozen streams of trapped water that was still streaming away from the coast while getting cought with frost. 10 to 15 nautical miles of open…

First Ice Formation in the Northern Caspian

The third day after the First Ice appeared in the Northern Caspian has given us great opportunity with nice cloudless weather to acquire and process perfect Landsat-8 image. This season’s unique combination of strong Easterlies resulting in extreme water level drop that has opened seabed along the Eastern Coast and drained water from pre-coastal areas…

Freeze-up Forecast is Out

Ice is coming into the Caspian sea in the near future. LLP ICEMAN.KZ proposes detailed analysis and long-term insights for those who need to plan their marine operations in the Northern part of the Sea. Long term insights through October and the first half of November are based on the historical trends as well as…

Seeking Minds and Hardworking People

LLP is continuously working on development of new tools and conducting research of newly appearing data to facilitate ice charting, monitoring and forecasting. We value diversity and are open for collaboration at any level be that commercial relationship with our clients or mutual projects researching new areas in Ice and Metocean.