Seasonal Videos on Youtube publishes ice and metocean data over the Caspian sea visualized with this series of short videos. The videos show a small portion of the database we collected processed and generated during the last years. The major sources of data for our ice observation and monitoring program are free source by Copernicus and NASA and…

Moscow State University and Faculty of geography at Moscow State University conduct research combining their effort to increase knowledge of sea ice deformation processes and their effect on seabed in the Caspian Sea.

Stamukhi Research Collaboration

Faculty of Geography of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Russia and, Kazakhstan have enaged in a research project to study study ice rubble features (ridges and stamukhi) and their impact on seabed. There are two major topics that are covered in the scope of this cooperation: Seabed – rubble fields interaction; Effects of climate…

Stamukhi Database Update

Just days after the ice season is finished in the Caspian we are glad to publish updated database on stamukhi including this season (2019-2020) and reanalysis for 2013-2014. Extremely mild season resulted in stamukhi formation mainly along the Eastern and Northern precoastal zones with rare obsjects in deeper than 3 m (-31 m BD) waters.…

2019-2020 Season Summary

2019-2020 was an extremely mild winter in the Caspian. This video summarizes development of ice conditions through the length of the season.

2019-2020 Ice Season Closure

Ice Is Gone 2019-2020 ice season is now closed Once again the past winter set another record to be the lowest by ice cover development season in the Caspian. It is the seocnd warmest season i judged by FDD. The was one that was warmer in 2015-2016. However, freeze-up was a lot later and extreme…

Ice Volume and Coverage in the Caspian 2019020

Is this the end of 2019-2020 Ice Season in the Caspian?

It is the beginning of February and there is almost no sea ice in the Caspian sea and we observe anamalously low ice volume that was generated to the moment. The maximum volume reached this season is 4.3 cubic km. This is a very small number compared to 19.2 that was observed in 2017-2018 and…


Witteven+Bos is one of our customers on provision of consulting services in regards of ice behavior in the Caspian sea. Our input was used in parts to provide Basis of Design for their offshore engineering projects.

Total E&P Recherche Developpment

Total is our prime Client for our abroad activities outside Kazakhstan. One of the major projects conducted for them was analysis of ice drift in the Ob Estuary and Kara Sea.

NIPIneftegas JSC

NIPIneftegas JSC is our strategic Partner on collaboration in complex large scale operations. provided significant input to NIPI’s operations with data handling and processing custom built software solutions to handle their ongoing operations.