Witteven+Bos is one of our customers on provision of consulting services in regards of ice behavior in the Caspian sea. Our input was used in parts to provide Basis of Design for their offshore engineering projects.

Total E&P Recherche Developpment

Total is our prime Client for our abroad activities outside Kazakhstan. One of the major projects conducted for them was analysis of ice drift in the Ob Estuary and Kara Sea.

NIPIneftegas JSC

NIPIneftegas JSC is our strategic Partner on collaboration in complex large scale operations. Iceman.kz provided significant input to NIPI’s operations with data handling and processing custom built software solutions to handle their ongoing operations.

Daily Nowcast Analysis

Being combination of direct observation for the date short-term hindcast and forecast in reference to the date when observation is compiled Nowcast can be defined as best known information in the region for that particular day when it was compiled. This dataset is an enhanced ice egg chart of the day summarizing all the best…

Warm up

Cold period in November has resulted in ice formation along all the shores of the Northern Caspian Sea. Great Sentinel-2 from 7 December reviled the picture of ice conditions in the area after warming period in the beginning of December. Looking at several locations we can observe that ice is melting in the area –…

Saddle area imposes risk to navigation

Cloudless Landsat-8 image on 25th November revealed the picture of sediments transfer by water currents through shallow part of Saddle area connecting deeper part of central Caspian with Ural furrow. Saddle is an important area for navigation as nearly all vessels cross it to enter the northern Caspian waters. With decreasing water level in the…

Kashagan in ice

New ice coming to Kashagan was caught with freely available and luckily cloudless Sentinel-2. Image illustrates ice and structures interaction in the scale of full field in a cluster of artificial islands. Other locations are available on a dedicated page of our site.

2019/2020 Winter is here

Invasion of cold air from Siberia has triggered formation of new ice along the northern and eastern coasts of North Caspian Sea area. Air temperature in October was higher than the average during the last 10 years, but early in November there was a sudden drop which resulted in faster cooling of the water. The…

2019-2020 Ice Season Starts

It may seem surprising but ice is coming into the Caspian sea in the near future once again and pretty soon. As always LLP ICEMAN.KZ proposes detailed analysis and long-term insights for those who need to plan their marine operations in the Northern part of the Sea. Long term insights on freeze-up through October and…