Earth Observation

First Ice Formation in the Northern Caspian

The third day after the First Ice appeared in the Northern Caspian has given us great opportunity with nice cloudless weather to acquire and process perfect Landsat-8 image. This season’s unique combination of strong Easterlies resulting in extreme water level drop that has opened seabed along the Eastern Coast and drained water from pre-coastal areas and expected cold air invasion associated with expected Siberian High-Pressure zone approaching the region has led to extreme Ice Edge propogation to the West.

Analysis of events leading to the first ice formation this season once again has shown value of complex databases agglomerating multiple weather parameters and algorithms describing combinations of factors preceding to first ice formation in the region. We are extremely satisfied with our systems. Our Clients received the earliest possible warning of the potential impact giving them sufficient time to wrap-up their summer operations and brace for impact.

As the season develops we see more useful applications of Big Data analysis and utilisation of our knowledge in the Operational Ice Charting support for your fleet management.

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