Earth Observation


SatLog Parameters

Power BI based viewer above visualizes records of satellite images available over the region of the Northern Caspian Sea since 2000. The catalogue is regularly updated with newly acquired images that were processed for regional ice database maintained by ICEMAN.KZ.

Satellite Type

Dataset is majorly based on free-to-use data published by NASA and ESA.

  • MODIS Terra and Acqua medium resolution optical data
  • Landsat and Sentinel-2 (S2A and S2B) high resolution optical data
  • SAR: Sentinel-1 (S1A and S1B) since 2014 operationally uploaded, ENVISAT IMP and APP, ERS IMP historical records from 2004 to 2012 in high resolution
  • SAR: ENVISAT WMS in low resolution with regional coverage from 2004 to 2012

Upon addition of new or older sources this list will be updated accordingly to contain full information on available historical data for the region. Currently acquired images and stats in near-real-time regime are available for commercial users.

Cloud State

Rating of cloud cover by each forecast differs from that available with automated intepretation from images themselves. The rating allows concluding if the image is useful for ice charting purposes. The following abbreviations are used

  • CLR – clear from clouds over an area.
  • PRT – partially cloudy over an area. This could be an opening through clouds or fully covered with semitransparent clouds that still allow to define shape of ice floes.
  • CLD – fully clouded and useless for ice charting.
  • OWT – Clear or partly cloudy over area of open water.
  • NIL – No image available due to technical issues.

All SAR data are by default recorded with CLR rating regardless of actual cloud cover.

Spatial Coverage

Automatically calculated value in tenths for each forecast area indicating coverage of the zone by each specific image.

Overall Ranking

Usability Index from 0 (no data) to 1 (full data coverage) based on cloud state and spatial coverage allowing to estimate reliability of daily ice interpretation available in regional database.

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