Earth Observation

Caspian Sea Ice and Metocean Dashboard

This dashboard is a summary of ice and metocean data observed in the region that has unrestricted access to users. The dashboard is designed to assess current weather conditions and their effect on ice cover development. Increased update rate for major derivatives as well as seasonal statistics is available for commercial users.

Daily Averages

Daily average values of major metocean parameters used in ice charting processing for each forecast area in the Northern part of the Caspian Sea are summarised in the report below. Note: all time values are in UTC.

Under Development. Will be published soon.

FDD and Ice Thickness Coverage and Volume

The report below summarizes current development of ice thickness and FDD, areal coverage and volume of ice cover generated in forecast zones of the Caspian Sea through a winter season. Default view always shows the last day of observations. Use filters to see the historical timeseries by season.

These values are used only for operational ice charting analysis. During the season limited QA procedures are applied. Please, refer to historical records for more reliable dataset. Statsitical seasonal analysis is available at request.

Visual Set from Windy

Metocean Data Collection Report

Metocean parameters from these weather stations around the Northern part of the Caspian Sea are used in ice charting modeling and forecasting. The report below summarises automated data collection run on our servers. It is used to estimate reliability of ice cover modeling. Note: all time values are in UTC.

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