Earth Observation

POAC 2017

As part of the professional development program and our contribution to international scientific community we have attended POAC 2017 in Busan (, South Korea. There were two articles published by our employees summarizing some of our research and operational experience in ice conditions. This was the third conference attended in a row during the last…


aOrion is our prime partner on UAV application in ice charting. Our mutual algorithms are targeted to apply computer vision for detection of ice features on the fly and ptovide analysis to ice charting operators ashore for further incorporation into ice cover analysis.


KONGSBERG SATELLITE SERVICES (KSAT) are the major collaborator in our projects in regards of remote sensing and especially SAR data provision and utilisation in ice related projects.



HorizonIce Inc

The most important partner that has inspired majority of our developments in the area of ice charting.

Danish Meteorological Institute

Danish Meteorological Institute is our Initial Client that has transferred ice charting capability during our operations supporting offshore operations at Kashagan and offshore Greenland.