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Oil and Gas Exhibition in Almaty

Immediate benefit to development of Ice Charting concepts and sea ice monitoring systems from attending #KIOGE2017. LLP ICEMAN.KZ and ROBOAVIA manufacturing and operating drones will work together to integrate their systems for operational ice reconnaissance missions.         25th Kazakhstan International “Oil & Gas” Exhibition and Conference is going on in Almaty. This…


aOrion is our prime partner on UAV application in ice charting. Our mutual algorithms are targeted to apply computer vision for detection of ice features on the fly and ptovide analysis to ice charting operators ashore for further incorporation into ice cover analysis.


KONGSBERG SATELLITE SERVICES (KSAT) are the major collaborator in our projects in regards of remote sensing and especially SAR data provision and utilisation in ice related projects.


North Caspian Operating Company managing production in Kashagan Field is our prime client in Kazakhstan since 2012. We have provided consulting services on sea ice to NCOC since 2012 as part of DMI’s services and were sub-contracted to man Ice Charting Office in support of Marine operations from 2015 to 2018 solely by our technical stuff. Our consultancy survices were used offshore Kashagan to assess Ice Hazards to offshore operations and conduct ice observations program there.

In 2020 has used their own ice database specifically designed for engineering purposes to assess ice regime for yet to be build marine access channel in the Kashagan area providing valuable input for Witteveen+Bos in their engineering and design project.



HorizonIce Inc

The most important partner that has inspired majority of our developments in the area of ice charting.

Danish Meteorological Institute

Danish Meteorological Institute is our Initial Client that has transferred ice charting capability during our operations supporting offshore operations at Kashagan and offshore Greenland.

agip kco

Agip kco was among the first our Clients where our personnel was subcontracted to provide technical expertise for Ice Charting operations through Danish Meteorological Institute. The greatest achievement of the days was integration of custom made software packages ensuring flawless ice related data collection in the field and delivery to central database. There is also numerous amount of tools deployed to manage dataflows and derive stats on the go in the ice charting system implemented by the Client and inhereted by NCOC after transfer of operatorship.


The first of our Clients outside Kazakhstan. Under supervision of first DMI and later Horizonice Inc our employee provided support of seismic operations offshore Eastern coast of Greenland.