Earth Observation

2019/2020 Winter is here

Invasion of cold air from Siberia has triggered formation of new ice along the northern and eastern coasts of North Caspian Sea area. Air temperature in October was higher than the average during the last 10 years, but early in November there was a sudden drop which resulted in faster cooling of the water. The…

Marine Operations in Ice Covered Waters of Shallowing Caspian

Decreasing water level in the Caspian may soon affect established logistical solutions in the Northern shallow part of it. The POAC paper discusses building access channels to existing and future offshore facilities in the Kazakhstan sector that is more vulnerable to the problem. The major accent is made to sea ice related hazards affecting marine operations in channels through shallow waters based on experience in the Volga Caspian channel (VCC).

Ice gouges in Caspian Sea

Springtime and open water season is approaching fast. Each year ice cover melts in shallow waters of Caspian Sea and start revealing the artwork of nature – multiple gouges on the seabed plunged by stamukhi and ridge keel during winter time. Landsat-8 image from March 2017 shows the perfect shot illustrating the process.