Earth Observation

Our Code of Conduct is designed to help our employees to make right business decisions and maintain high ethical standards while interacting with third parties and inside the team. It explains how the Company Purposes, Values and Mindset are reinforced to uphold the integrity upon which the reputation of the Company is founded. Even though we have laid out these rules to which we stick while conducting our business practices we understand the life is more complex and there are situations when these basic rules may not work. We encourage employees, our affiliates and customers to contact us on to consider any violations of this code of ethics during doing business with us and if you have suggestions for improvement.

Commitment to Health, Safety and Environment Protection

We do not perform any works without proper risk assessment and training of personnel, without proper means of protections in hazardous environment.
We stop any job at any time, when the conditions are believed unsafe.
We are highly dedicated to traffic safety with zero tolerance to violation of traffic rules.
We always wear seat belts and never use electronic devices including mobile phone while driving.
We do not take any action to cause environmental pollution. When using transport and equipment in wild nature conditions we ensure it may cause minimal possible to none damage to environment.

Commitment to Quality of Deliverables

Our goal is to do things right every time we do it.
We strive to exceed Client expectations.
We respond to customer requests in a timely and appropriate manner.
We use every chance to improve our services.

Avoiding Conflict of Interest

As a Company targeting for ZERO profit all commercial and social activities by our personnel are targeted for scientific research, innovations and personal development. We do not use company resources, funds or equipment for any other benefit than this.

Business Gifts and Entertainment

Good Judgement is used to give or receive business gifts or hospitality normally not exceeding its nominal value of more than 5 000 KZT.
We never use them with intention of influencing business decisions, but to build positive relationships.
We recognise and respect our customers’ policies regarding gifts and hospitality.

Fair and Open Business Practices

We have zero tolerance to corruption offering or accepting no bribes in anyh form under any circumstances.
We do not use Company resources for political purposes.
We do not engage in direct dialogue with authorities, policy makers, other businesses unless it is properly documented and is conducted legally following all relevant procedures.

Competing Fairly and Ethically

We compete, but we compete fairly.
We do not maintain customer relationships illegally or unethically.
We do not enter into agreements that can restrict full and fair competition.
We do not share pricing or bidding information with anyone outside ICEMAN.KZ.

Our Relationships with Others

We encourage fair employment and offer equal opportunity to everyone.
We do not tolerate harassment, or other offensive behavior in any form.

Data Privacy and Information Security

We respect privacy of our employees collecting and using only personal data required to fulfill local regulations. All personal data is protected in accordance with regulations.
Anyone entering work relationship with ICEMAN.KZ is accepted with good will and trust. Their right for privacy, secret of communications in any form is not violated in any way.
We encourage employees to discuss professional side of their colleagues and company business in public as long as it is not regulated with confidentiality agreements with third parties.

Confidentiality and Information Security

We do not take for storage or copy to our databases, copies of any commercially provided reports or products, software packages, information or data that is property of any other third party unless this is requested as service with a specific agreement.
We treat all Company tools developed in-house, any electronic records created or transmitted with use of them by our employees as Company property.
We take every available measure to preserve confidentiality of our and customer data.
Every employee is expected to prevent disclosure of confidential information and to protect access to company property

Protecting Intellectual Property

We protect intellectual property assets of our employees.
We require our employees to acknowledge that intellectual property created by colleagues while working for the company belongs exclusively to each individual who generated it.
We do not allow our employees to fully disclose full functionality of software and commercially sensitive data generated in house.
We promote our employees to share in public all their scientific research conducted individually or in groups.

Open Books for Business Transparency

We stick to the policy of open books showing that we maintain honest and accurate business records.
We never hide, alter falsify or disguise the true nature of any business transactions and professional records of our employees.
We comply with ISAFIS and norms of local regulations in keeping our financial records.