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2019/2020 Winter is here

Invasion of cold air from Siberia has triggered formation of new ice along the northern and eastern coasts of North Caspian Sea area.

Air temperature in October was higher than the average during the last 10 years, but early in November there was a sudden drop which resulted in faster cooling of the water. The second cold spell in middle of the month initiated ice growth. With NE wind today and tomorrow ice will drift towards Ural furrow in the central area of NC where it will cool down the water. In several days with negative air temperatures and lower winds ice cover will stabilize along the shores. With current short term weather forecast ice will hardly melt until the end of the season. Winter season is opened.

21 Nov 2019 Quicklook of ice formation in NC
New ice formation along the northern and eastern shores of the sea is observed on today’s MODIS image. Arctic sea smoke reveals rapid cooling of water surface on all area of North Caspian Sea.
Air temperature development in Aturau
Air temperature development in Atyrau through October and November with expected 10 days forecast.

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