Earth Observation

2019-2020 Ice Season Starts

It may seem surprising but ice is coming into the Caspian sea in the near future once again and pretty soon. As always LLP ICEMAN.KZ proposes detailed analysis and long-term insights for those who need to plan their marine operations in the Northern part of the Sea.

Long term insights on freeze-up through October and the first half of November are based on the historical trends as well as climate change analysis by leading weather monitoring and modeling agencies. These are useful to plan mobilisation and demobilisation activities for different type fleet operating in the region.

Water temperature cooling and first ice appearance monitoring with means of remote sensing through November and December helps catching the right moment to wrap up summer fleet activities and finish the season in a safe way.

The rest of the season you can watch development of ice cover propogation and later deterioration with our interactive tool on Ice and Metocean dashboard page.

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